SUUM is an electrolyte and essential vitamins replenishing drink for athletes.

It offers a convenient and effective way to keep your body properly hydrated during physical activity.

Convenient for its portability, which will allow you to take it easily whenever you go to practice or practice anywhere.

Effective, because the ingredients of its formula provide an efficient balance of salts (electrolytes) and vitamins to maximize hydration and mental strengthening during your exercises.

Be it in a street race, riding a bike, rowing, walking in the middle of trails, playing tennis, etc., a tube of SUUM in your pocket will be your best alternative to cool off, eliminate thirst and quickly replenish your electrolytes. body.

The product comes in the form of a tablet to dissolve in 500 ml. of water. Just throw a SUUM tablet in your water bottle and that's it! You have SUUM, a drink with all the necessary ingredients for a balanced hydration.

SUUM replenishes the sodium, potassium and magnesium you lose with your body's sweat.

Instead of carrying several sachets or pots of powdered drink, or worse, several bottles of isotonic; with a single tube of SUUM you will have up to 10 tablets in the palm of your hand.

Each lime-lemon flavored SUUM tablet offers you:

378 mg sodium

  • Helps regulate water balance in the body
  • It is essential to maintain normal blood pressure
  • Helps in muscle contraction and nerve transmission
  • Regulates the balance of acids and salts in the body
  • Decreases tiredness, mental apathy and muscle cramps.

50 mg of potassium

  • Promotes regular heartbeat and normal muscle contraction
  • Regulates the transfer of nutrients to the body's cells
  • Maintains water balance in tissues and cells.

65 mg of magnesium

  • It supports the functions of the nerves and muscles of the body, including the normal regulation of the heartbeat rhythm.

36.0 mg of vitamin C

  • Benefits those under physical and mental stress
  • Increases immunity.

4.0 mg of vitamin B5

  • Releases energy from fat, so it helps in burning fat for energy
  • Increases exercise performance.

1.0 mg of vitamin B6

  • Creates neuro - transmitters like serotonin and metabolizes the released energy creating red blood cells in the blood
  • Helps in hormonal balance
  • Strengthens the immune system.

1.90 mcg of vitamin B12

  • Vitamin B12 is important for metabolism. Metabolism includes the processes of energy generation and use, such as nutrition, digestion, absorption, elimination, breathing, circulation and temperature regulation.

In short,

SUUM is portable: it comes in a plastic tube, water resistant and perfect for carrying in your hand, bike t-shirt, pocket, backpack, etc. In 1 tube of SUUM you have 10 tablets that are equivalent to 10 bottles of half a liter of drink, in other words, with 1 tube of SUUM you have 5 liters of drink to cool off and replenish electrolytes.

SUUM is balanced: the SUUM formula was developed after years of research to offer the right levels of electrolytes and fast absorption speed by the body. Thus, SUUM provides an excellent balance of salts to prevent cramps and maximize hydration.

SUUM is refreshing: its lemon-lime flavor makes SUUM a delicious, smooth-tasting drink that eliminates thirst. Without leaving that "after taste" feeling, SUUM is effervescent only to dissolve quickly, but once dissolved, its flavor does not resemble a carbonated drink.

SUUM is practical: just throw a SUUM tablet in your water bottle and you are ready to continue your workouts.

SUUM is not an energy drink: SUUM is zero carbohydrate and zero sugar. The formula was developed to rehydrate as quickly as possible and thus prolong the resistance reducing muscle fatigue.

Suum - Electrolytic Replenisher

  • This product does not allow cancellations or returns.