163 km from São Paulo, in the city of Monte Verde-MG, is this mountain with easy access and incredible panorama. Excellent option for beginners in mountaineering. 2,082m above sea level.

DAY 1: meeting at Café Platô in Monte Verde at 8:00 am, starting point of the trail. We will pass by a breathtaking plateau, woods, and the famous "window", a stone sculpture that lives up to its name. Final access to the summit, the last few meters, is optional. To those who face it, we will use safety equipment, included. Round trip on the same route. Food not included.

Accumulated elevation: 420 m

Distance: 8 km

Estimated Time: 5h - 7h


  • Experienced guide in Portuguese, English and Spanish

  • Safety equipment: car seat, rope, carabiners and brakes

  • Collective first aid kit

  • Online satellite tracking

  • Travel insurance


  • Transportation (round trip)

  • food

Pico do Selado

  • It will be made only upon payment of 100% of the value of the itinerary.