• Dryfit T-shirt - 2 unts

        To be used during the treeking.

  • 2nd Thin Thermal Skin Blouse - 1 unt

        These are those very thin and tight clothes that are totally close to the body. This feature increases heat retention. It will be used to withstand the icy nights at altitude. It will only be used at camp and on summit day.

  • Fleece 200 Blouse - 1 unt

        Fleece is a type of fabric with high heating power, low weight and good compression at an affordable price. If you want to invest in an even lighter, more expensive but much more expensive material, go for the goose down jackets. But be careful! There are several types of down jackets, and many are NOT suitable for OUTDOOR SPORTS. For more information contact us.

  • Fleece 400 Blouse - 1 unt

  • Down Jacket - 1 unt

        It will only be used on peak day. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a regular jacket. There are several weights and feather quality. Consult the Alpine Adventure guides before purchasing yours. Can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Anorak - 1 unt

      This is the most important item in your backpack. It can literally save your life as it will protect you from having hypothermia. Required to be water resistant and preferably breathable, ie allow your sweat to leave without letting rainwater enter.



  • Pants - 2 unts

        Preferably those who turn shorts, because it is more adaptable to the weather.

  • 2nd Thin Thermal Skin Pants - 1 unt

        To stand the freezing nights at altitude. It will only be used at camp and on summit day.

  • 2nd Thick Skin Fleece 200 Pants - 1 unt

        It will be used at camp and on summit day.

  • 2nd Thick Skin Fleece 400 Pants - 1 unt

        It will be used at camp and on summit day.

  • Waterproof Wind Pants - 1 unt

        Preferably those with breathable fabric.

  • Waterproof Gaiters - 1 unt

        Used on snowy days to avoid getting your feet wet. Must be specific for mountaineering. Can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Underwear - 5 unts


  • Treeking Boots - 1 unt

      Ideally, it should be mountaineering specific, with good soles (eg vibrate), water resistant, high to avoid kinks and preferably breathable. If a new one has been purchased, they must be softened prior to travel.

  • Double Boots - 1 unt

        100% waterproof boot for snow use and reinforced heating to prevent toes freezing. Can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Crampons - 1 unt

        Can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Crocks (optional) - 1 unt

  • Thiner Liner Socks - 3 unts

       Choose technical socks, specific for mountaineering. They should have high breathability, which helps keep your foot as low as possible in contact with sweat moisture, one of the 3 bubble factors.

  • Midle Socks - 2 unt

  • Thick Socks - 1 unt

        Will be used just at the camps.

  • Lorpen Thick Socks - 1 unt

        Specific for snow activities, they are highly thermal and breathable. It will only be used on peak day.


  • Cap - 1 unt

        Choose fleece models.

  • Balaclava - 1 unt

  • Face mask (optional) - 1 unt

  • Buff or Expeditionary Cap - 1 unt

        Prefer the bandana with fabric with UV protection, as it is more versatile to withstand the extreme conditions of the environment.

  • Sunglasses (cat 4) - 1 unt

        Indispensable item to make your trip more comfortable. Radiation at altitude is higher than at sea level, so protect yourself !

  • Google Sunglasses (cat 4) - 1 unt

        Used only on peak day to prevent eye freezing.


  • Thin Liner Gloves - 1 unt

       Opt for those made of polyester.

  • Windproof Midle Gloves - 1 unt

  • Windproof Thick Gloves - 1 unt

        It will be used in the camps and as a reserve on the peak day.

  • Mitten - 1 unt

        It will only be used on peak day. Can be rented in Mendoza.


  • Sleeping Bag -20ºC (confort) - 1 unt

  • Thermal Insulating Mattress - 1 unt

       Preferably opt for inflatable or closed cell models, both for temperatures of -20ºC. Consult an Alpine Adventure guide before purchasing yours. Can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Pilow (optional) - 1 unt

        Use smaller, lighter than camp-specific ones. Can be replaced by a blouse.

  • Pee bottle - 1 unt

      It may seem silly, but when you feel the urge to pee at dawn, when you will be warm and comfortable in your sleeping bag, getting out of the tent will be a terrible suffering. You will have to re-dress the various layers of clothing to withstand intense colds. Men can use a wide mouth canteen. Women should look for a specific one.



  • Duffle Bag 60L - 1 unt

        Your non-trail belongings will be carried by mules. They must be in highly resistant and waterproof backpacks. It can be rented in Mendoza.

  • Backpack 40-50L - 1 unt

        For trail items only, such as snacks, water, blouses, gloves, and devices.

  • Rain Cover Backpack - 1 unt


  • ​Head Lamp - 1 unt

        A antifreeze model.

  • Lithium Spare Battery Pack - 1 unt

        On cold nights at -15ºC the battery discharges quickly. Only litium will be resistant throughout the trip.

  • Switchblade - 1 unt

  • Treeking Poles (optional) - 1 pair

       It says "optional" because many people take a long time to get used to them. The benefit is tremendous: it reduces knee impact by up to 30%. If used, avoid those with threaded or automatic locking. They are less resistant. Antifreeze model.

  • ​Camelbak 3L - 1 unt

       Indispensable because dehydration at altitude increases the chance of having altitude sickness (severe headaches and nausea for example). This type of system avoids the "take off and put" of the backpack.

  • 1L Waterproof Bag (to protect small items) - 1 unt

  • 4L Waterproof Bag (for clothes) - 3 unts



  • Wipes - 2 to 3 unts / day

        In the Alpine market there is a type of compressed tissue that when moistened expands. This will be your bath in the mountain.

  • Toothbrush - 1 unt


  • Toothpaste - 1 unt

  • ​Toilet paper - 1 unt


  • Sunscreen factor 50 or more - 1 undt


  • Clorin (to purify your water) - 4 unts / day​


  • Personal Medicines


  • Deodorant - 1 unt

  • ​Anti-friction gel - 1 unt

        Vaseline. It will serve to prevent blisters on your feet.