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All destinations with advanced camps has the travel option alpine or expedition style


NEXT DATE 01/fev/2020

from R$ 390

107km from São Paulo, on the city of Extrema, there is this mountain with easy acess and incredible landscape. Excellente A 107 km de São Paulo, na cidade de Extrema-MG, fica esta montanha de fácil acesso e panorama incrível. Excelente opção para os iniciantes no montanhismo. 1.750m acima do nível do mar.


NEXT DATE 13/jun/2020

from R$ 490 (1º lot until 05/mai)

The Army's special forces training site, the country's most traditional mountaineering route, offers many adventures, including 3 rope-climbing sections, and one of the Southeast's most incredible alpine landscapes. 2,791m altitude.

NEXT DATE 11/dec/2020

from US$ 3.800

Being in the Andes is undoubtedly an incredible experience for mountaineers. Climbing its highest point, the highest in the Americas, is unforgettable. Overcoming, planning, dedication and courage are keys in this project. A unique experience that will last for a lifetime.

NEXT DATE 04/jan/2020

from US$ 1.800

Perfect for begginers in high mountains, this crossing passes through one of the most incredibles places on the world: Chiarckota Lagune.  On this trip is included the Austria Peak's summit at 5.350m above the sea level.

Why choose AA?

"If you identify your goals and have willpower to overcome the difficulties - and they will always exist - just find the right people to help you and them you will succeed"
Reinhold Messner

A very experient climber and a mountaineer in the middle of the 7 summit's project in solo provide all their bagage with more than 20 years of contact with the mountain for beyond the safety, the client can acquire the maximum knowledge necessary to became self sufficient on this that can be a very extreme place. Our intation is not just to guide. We want to empower conscious mountaineers, on unforgettable landscapes, for perhaps even greater desires.

A preservação na AA também é um ponto fundamental para que toda beleza e magnitude que encontrarmos pela frente possa ser compartilhada com as gerações que virão. Seguimos as práticas NDR.

Prezamos por oferecer duas opções de formatos de viagem em todos os roteiros que contenham acampamento avançado: expedição tradicional ou modo clássico alpino. Em qualquer uma, o resultado será uma experiência única.


"Be happy this time. This time is your life."

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